Man feeling anxious

The Age of Anxiety

So for this month’s blog, I thought it would be quite an interesting thing to do to turn a little of our attention, just for a while, towards perhaps the master symptom, one might say the biggest percentage of people presenting for therapy, for counselling, for all kinds of interventions across many parts of the […]

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Family Constellation Work: Love's Hidden Symmetry

Love’s Hidden Symmetry

Hello. So in this particular version or chapter of this ongoing blog, I’d like to spend some time exploring in initial detail, a methodology or a practice, you might say, that is adjacent to Psychosynthesis, sort of a complementary but different model. One that I have some experience in both as a client and an observer,

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The Sleeping Fool 1943 by Cecil Collins (1908-1989) Presented by the Contemporary Art Society 1951; Credit: Tate

The Living River

Hello again. So for this month’s reflections for the blog, I thought I would come back to the beginnings as it were, back to the source – the Alle Fonti, as we were talking about last time in terms of the Psychosynthesis archives at Casa Assagioli in Florence. And bring the source back in a

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Journey to Casa Assagioli

So I’d like to tell you a little about my recent trip to Italy. I was very lucky to be invited to take part in and run some workshops in the 10th International Meeting at Casa Assagioli, the Istituto di Psicosintesi, the Psychosynthesis Institute in Florence, through a group called The Gruppo Alle Fonti, the group

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My Summer Jewel

As I compose this piece, the temperature here at home has peaked again around 30 degrees, and we seem to be having a second coming of the summer after what was quite an autumnal, dark, cool period for much of the year. But I want to just reflect on my summer, which in particular, had

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Beyond the ‘Wall of Silence’ – Psychosynthesis Inside and Out

“To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Be Silent”1 Within the Psychosynthesis community it is reasonably well known that Roberto Assagioli had, let’s say, an esoteric aspect to his nature and work. There are hints aplenty, starting with his mother’s theosophical beliefs, with various mature friendships (for example with the astrologer Dane Rudhyar or the

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