Mark Jones
Keith Hackwood

september 2024

Transformational Mentoring

A Psychosynthesis Coaching Training

Embark on a profound journey with Psychosynthesis therapists Mark Jones and Keith Hackwood in their second intake of a transformative five-module training. Tailored for healing professionals and those seeking intensive psychological-spiritual self-development, this course offers practical skills, deep insights, and a framework for spiritual understanding of psychology. Join us for a holistic exploration of Psychosynthesis theory, application, and practice, unlocking new dimensions in your personal and professional growth.

24 - 27 october 2024 | Abano terme, venice

XV International Congress of Istituto di Psicosintesi

Thirst and the wellspring - transpersonal itineraries

Join me in the forthcoming Psychosynthesis conference this Autumn in Padua, Italy where I will be speaking on ‘Beyond Thirst: The Transformative Role of Art and Beauty in Psychosynthesis, an opportunity to reflect upon the necessity of the sublime.

My aim will be to describe the influence of beauty upon Assagioli both personally and in the way symmetry, language, aesthetics and form imbue Psychosynthesis with some of its unique characteristics. I’ll consider some context, such as the Italian Renaissance and reunification, along with some thoughts on the vital significance of beauty for sanely navigating the acute challenges of our twenty-first century world.