Transformational Mentoring: A Psychosynthesis Coaching Training

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Hello again, it’s great to be able to speak with you again. I have some exciting news that I’d like to share by way of this month’s blog post. And that has to do very much with the running once again of the Transformational Mentoring Psychosynthesis Coaching Training. This is the training that I ran along with my colleague and friend, Mark Jones in 2021, through 22, and finishing in 2023, midway through last year. And in a sense, back by popular demand, we’re going to run it again, and that will begin later this year in 2024. So, I’d like to share with you some of the details of that and ways that you can find out more, and if you’re interested, how to get in touch, scope it out, see what you think. If you are interested seriously and convinced then where to sign up and take that forward.

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What to Expect

The course this time is going to be slightly different than when it ran before. Largely because we now have a kind of library or an archive you might say, of pre-recorded teaching materials. So, this running of the course will consist of pre-recorded material in lecture format, high quality video with high-quality visual accompaniments by way of slides, illustrations, diagrams and so forth. Those are all pre-recorded featuring Mark lecturing on subjects across the spiritual psychology aspect of things.

Part One with Mark Jones

So, beginning with context setting, Freud, Jung, various kinds of historical context for the evolution of psychology and then spiritual psychology, looking at the humanistic tradition of Frankl, Maslow, Rogers and so forth. Clearly, a great deal of material focused upon Assagioli, his life and times, and Psychosynthesis itself, its development and evolution, and its various models for understanding the self, the interaction with the “I,” sub-personalities, and so on from there.

And also a sequence of lectures on, or under I should say, the heading of “The Alchemy of Relationships” – looking at how various models and theories come together operationally, so to speak, in terms of actually working with people. So, it’s the kind of pragmatic aspect of “How does this work when applied in real world settings with real situations and real people?”. 

That gives you a little flavour of the pre-recorded material, and we’re talking in the range of over 90+ hours of recorded video material. It’s quite dense. Obviously, you’d be able to watch it and rewatch it. It comes accompanied by transcripts of all those lectures as well if you prefer to read through them or follow them in text form. 

Part Two with Keith Hackwood

That represents half the course in a way. The other half, which is the half I’m delivering and responsible for mainly, consists of a combination of Supervision, personal kind of work and mentoring, and a developmental aspect. This happens in small groups, which sometimes change during the course itself over the period that it runs. 

The interactions there are aimed at partly working with case study material, to work through some of the ideas that come through in the video teachings, but also looking at real world situations. So, bringing examples for instance, from your own practice, or I might share information from my own practice of over nearly 25 years now of Psychotherapy practice. And we would explore through that how to integrate and bring about the distillation of what you’ve been learning into being. 

A deep understanding of Psychosynthesis is that it’s less about technique, less about what is happening and content, and much more about the expression of being itself. So one is effective in that mode of work to the extent that one is being it as it were, walking the talk of the thing. 

So as well as these group Supervision sessions (small groups usually for two hours at a time, with the option for some one-to-one work as well to support and enhance that), there will also be groups that meet live around usually Question & Answer sessions. This happens later in the course and these often rotate around a piece of shared reading. So it might be that we all read a certain text or read a book that we all hold in common and use that as the springboard for further discussion and exploration, ways of pursuing and contrasting different systems and different ideas. This proved extremely useful in the previous iteration of the course, and was one of the things that people really enjoyed from that. So, we’ll be experimenting with that again and freshening up some of the texts and books that we might consider for use in that way. 

Who is this course for?

The other thing I just wanted to say a word about at this point, to direct anyone who’s interested towards where you can find out more, is to kind of answer the question or to begin to address the question of “Who is this for? To whom is this address? Who might be interested in a course such as this?”, and there are several different ways of answering that. 

On the one hand, the original dreaming of this course was to offer a Psychosynthesis training to people who were not going to practice as counselors and therapists necessarily, or people who already were practicing as counselors and therapists but wanted to add the dimension of Psychosynthesis and its particular understanding of the human psyche in the world, to their existing practice. So that’s number one.

Number two would be that it’s incredibly appropriate and useful, I think. And this was certainly the experience of the first cohorts that went through it. Useful for people who are going to be working with people in whatever modality. For example, in the first groups that went through the course, we had people who were yoga teachers, body workers, astrologers and consultants, people who practiced Aura-Soma, we had people who were very much in the realm of creative expression and the making of art and creative content. So people who wanted to integrate pre-existing modalities for healing with a particular way of understanding themselves, the field, the work, the client, and so forth, but also the understanding of what healing might actually be, what it looks like in the world, and how effective that might be. So that’s the second category, people who are working with others from whatever modality that might be, and who want a language for that or want a particular focus and model for understanding that. 

And of course, the third category, which overlaps with the first two, would very much be people motivated for their own personal development and growth. So this may be, as was the case last time for some people, a sense of art – “This is the course I’ve been waiting for, for me, not because I’m going to use it in any pragmatic way in the world, but because this is what represents the next step for me in my own process and my own journey”. So that too, is extremely appropriate to working with this material. There may well be other ways into this or things that it might address for people that I’ve not thought of or covered here, but those would be the starting points that come to mind.


Transformational Mentoring:

A Psychosynthesis Coaching Training

Embark on a profound journey with Psychosynthesis therapists Mark Jones and Keith Hackwood in their second intake of a transformative five-module training. Tailored for healing professionals and those seeking intensive psychological-spiritual self-development, this course offers practical skills, deep insights, and a framework for spiritual understanding of psychology. Join us for a holistic exploration of Psychosynthesis theory, application, and practice, unlocking new dimensions in your personal and professional growth.

Next Steps Forward

So, to conclude, if you are interested in finding out more, you can look at the prospectus and the descriptions of the course itself via That’s where the information is hosted and I’ll provide a link to that here. You can also make contact with me through my website, or with Mark through his website, if you’d like to have a conversation about this or if you have questions that are not immediately answered through what we’ve explored here or what you find online.

The way in which the course will work practically is that as people sign up and make their initial payment, the first tranche of the pre-record video material will be made available in effect immediately. So kind of as soon as the processing has happened, they’ll arrive in your inbox for you to have so you can in a sense, begin the course straightaway in terms of that pre-recorded material. 

Once we are able to put together small groups (usually that would mean six people there abouts, could be five could be seven, but in the range of six-people Supervision and personal development groups), as soon as there are people signed up and in the same time zone, we can run those from that point. So the intention would be to begin Supervision, probably at the earliest that would be the summer of 2024, and potentially, that would be the fall or Autumn of 2024. And it may be that different groups cohere and come about at different points, that’s absolutely fine. The course is very flexible in terms of timings. And it’s much more about finding the right blend of people who are all logistically in the same time zones to make that work. These things would happen online through Zoom, and we could get into the details of that at another time. But for now, I just wanted to make you aware that this is happening, coming soon. 

If you’re interested, please do make contact. If you’d like to have conversations about this or answer any further questions also do step forward, send an email, get in touch. And if this sounds like the kind of thing that might be for you, I very much look forward to seeing you a little later on this year in one of the groups, working through all of these very interesting and exciting topics, and building this new sense of how to operate in the world in terms of one’s own spiritual path, and the way we might offer that in wider contexts of life, of healing and of being with others. So for now, thanks very much, and I’ll see you again soon.

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