Psychosynthesis Therapy

Often the calling to Soul is experienced as a personal crisis or traumatic experience and we are left dealing with abuse, depression, anxiety, loss, relationship issues, gender & sexuality, stress or spiritual crisis.

In my decades of experience as a Psychosynthesis therapist, I have found ‘psychology with Soul’ to be an effective, adaptable and compassionate approach to helping others become their whole selves and live their highest vision for a meaningful and purposeful life.


Consultative Supervision

The main issue professionals encounter is the need to be authentic in one’s role, whatever that may be. How do you engage in your work from a stance of true integrity?

Acting for the greater good needs to be in alignment with our personal vision, and navigating the many institutional, cultural, and socio-political forces is a challenging skill to master. As a result of the various constraints which can inhibit our true potential, we ask the question – what skills and capacities are you (or your organisation) not using?

I have worked with Keith in supervision monthly for several years now. He is an immensely talented and experienced supervisor offering a very safe relational space where we explore client work, therapeutic ideas and approaches, as well as existential and spiritual perspectives.

Keith listens with deep attention, gentleness, compassion and respect. He always responds with wisdom, sometimes challenge, sometimes humour,  personal clinical experience when appropriate, and very valuable references to writings and authors to further my learning and deepen my understanding.

At the end of an hour’s supervision I always feel enriched, stimulated, and nurtured, which of course not only benefits me but every one of the clients I work with.  A huge thank you Keith - you are amazing!
Helga Moore


Mindfulness Guidance

We live in a world of ever-increasing flows of information and the demands of ‘never enough time’ that stretches our life energy into a world of crisis. How do we restore our wearied being on a deep level with soul-medicine?

Mindfulness as I understand it and practice it, offers not only a means to self-regulate and calm the body-mind and nervous system, but also an opportunity to vision and enact our higher and deeper capabilities, ideally in service to life, in a spirit of compassionate openness.